The Golden Hour
Illustrated series
We spotted an early riser out for a walk, enjoying the morning when the city is still sleeping.
Catching the sunrise, seeing the city turn golden pink. Whats yours like 'Golden Hour' like?
'It's time!' The Bountiful Shopper says, when life gets overwhelming,
she seeks a 'mini mental vacation' through the mall. After all, she does deserve to
indulge a little, on new outfits, bags and savory that makes her feel giddy again!
Here one moment, gone the next, as fleeting as a white rabbit.
Searching for love through uncharted cities. Lifting up her nose,
she whispers to her little companion, ‘ it's the fragrance of summer.’
Among the crowd, we found an intertwined pair. Whilst being spun in tight circles,
her hair sweeps through the air. As the last strand settles, he pulls out a gift with
a neat bow on top.What could it be? Ahh... better not interrupt their magic moment.
A couple are has just embarked on their honey moon, their day doesn't end just yet.
There's a special theater show, scheduled for the rest of the evening.
This sharp-eyed couple was found promenading through galleries, out searching for the finest.
They are an artful combination, not only the way they talk and walk, but also their common
good taste. Today, their eyes are set on these limited edition pieces.
 At 6 pm, she takes a quiet moment, adding the finishing touches to her extravagant wedding gown.
One last pump of jasmine-scented fragrance... and 'yes,' she’s ready to deliver her vows.
As she arrives at the Gala dinner, she steals the spotlight.
Whilst maintaining composure and gracefully tucking in her gloves and smiles...
to whom you may wonder? Well... ‘Love may be around the corner, when you least expect it!’
The Golden Hour illustrated series
2018 'Royal de Crown Collection'

Client: Pinkbox Jewelry Ltd.

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