Raffles Hotel Singapore
Flora & Fauna : 13th annual Wine, Food & Arts Experience
DDB Singapore | Book & Printed Publications | RWFAE 2008 | Hand-painted watercolour characters

As the hotel Guests arrives...

Garnishly coloured and exhibiting an obnoxious mien, Fluorescent-feathered Photo seekers are attracted to the camera flashes, the allure of which is akin to the proverbial moth to its flame.
Craned-neck Chitterer are most socially active in their own natural habitats.
Evolution has gifted them with keen eyes and ears to observe other species and share juicy morsels of information. If you get close enough, you will hear chitters of 'Did you hear'.. and 'No I never!'

Stoney-faced Scoffer about to pass judgement on the quality of a dish.
Scoffers have the power to aid or end a chef's career... or so they would like to believe.
Oozing charm and pheromones,
Casanovas are rarely found in the company of the same female more than once.

Grand entrances are second nature to any Doublet.
Explorers have observed a symbiotic relationship between the male and female.
Advertising Agency: DDB Singapore
Art Director: Karen Muck
Copywriter: Keith Kwek
Illustrator: Charly Cheung

Preliminary pencil sketches of the hotel guests :)
Thanks for viewing!

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